Terms & Conditions

By visiting or using our services clearly indicate that you follow the Terms & Conditions set by us. We hold the right to bring change in any content of the Terms & Conditions without giving any prior notice.

‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘the company’ refers to www.s-biv.com Party, parties or us, may refer to both the client and us. As we have separate pages for Privacy Policy and Disclaimer, the page directly focuses on important points of terms & conditions.

Payment We have kept our payment options flexible. Payment is accepted through cash, bankers draft, bank transfer or cheque. We ensure that the client makes the whole payment as the service is over. We might be ready to provide you with 30 days to clear the remaining payment. If the due date is over and the remaining outstanding is not cleared you will be subject to make payment along with an interest (per day basis as per the remaining amount) or fine. We have the authority to collect the unpaid amount after 60 days from the date of invoice through small claims or collection agencies. In this situation, you will have to pay additional administrative or court expenditures.

Work Cancelation Policy The work cancellation policy requires you to inform within 24 hours. The information can be provided via faxing, phone, emailing or written notification. We have the right to charge you a small amount to cover any subsequent administrative expenses.

Refund Policy We are committed to provide you work satisfaction. To win the client’s trust, we have set a refund policy that works when you want to cancel the service or the services seem inadequate.

Note: The client, who seems not satisfied with our services or wants to cancel the service, should report within 24 hours from the service time. In case you are not able to contact us in the given time you are not entitled to refunds or recovery.

Service Availability The services we are engaged in are active in India .

Employee Solicitation When entering into an agreement with www.ffssecurity.com, you are agreed to not to solicit for hiring of our workers. If you are found to solicit any of our staff, you will have to pay the training fee that we tend to spend on our employees during training.

Rise in Price www.ffssecurity.com holds the right to change the service price. Clients of ours are notified about this change.